Wessel Koning

Business Mentoring

Wessel Koning is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years of business experience in both the corporate life as leading startups and has always enjoyed helping other startups as side activity.

Wessel is a creative and result driven entrepreneur and commercial executive with a unique skillset and a mix of corporate, international and entrepreneurial startup experience and can bring valuable experience to startups looking to optimize and grow their business. (See bio)

 Wessel’s expertise helps startups in these areas:

  • Sales Growth / Business Growth
  • Commercial strategy, both sales and marketing
  • How to get your first crucial big reference customers (corporates)
  • Launching new Products / International growth
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Identify and setup Partnerships
  • Contracting
  • Deal making and negotiations
  • How to pitch your products to corporates
  • Business plan optimization
  • How to build a business from scratch
  • Guidance for most general startup related business topics
  • Out of the box creative solutions
  • Key contacts, global network in decision makers

Sectors / Area of Experience:
Tech, Online, Digital, Internet, Mobile, Startups, Electronics, ICT, Advertising, Video games, Events, Branding, Sales, Business Development, Strategy,

During business school Wessel was already involved in startups but decided to finish his Masters degree in Business Administration in Rotterdam and worked in several management positions for Philips Electronics (>£18 billion) in international Marketing, Sales & partnership and Global Business Development launching new technologies. Since 2008 Wessel chose entrepreneurship over corporate life and started his Business Development & Sales firm helping innovative startups grow by providing Sales, BusDev and Strategy services.

To reinforce the firms brand Wessel has build a 25.000+ member group and started organizing TED like inspirational events for an international audience in Amsterdam.

By helping various startups and young companies grow, improving their commercial strategy, sales and business development in various sectors Wessel gained lots of experience in different sectors and learned that many of the same valuable business principle apply to different industries and sectors.

In 2009 Wessel founded a startup in international online videogames, still active today, serving large MMO videogame publishers around the globe such as as Sony Online and ProSieben (>£2 billion).

In 2011 Wessel was involved in co-founding a Global Event organization in the EDM industry with events featuring DJ talents across the globe supported by an international Radio show

In London Wessel is looking to expand current business, (co)found or enable new innovative ventures and enjoys helping and mentoring other startups when time permits it.


“Wessels go-to-market knowledge is excellent, he has great commercial, marketing, PR, sales and strategic skills”
Sander Munsterman, CEO & Co-Founder XS2 Connected Media

“Wessel is an outperformer in all categories. He has the ability to understand customer needs and complex business deals at all levels and leverage those into successful new deals. He is very result driven and uses his excellent sales & business development skills and strategic insight to get there. Next to that Wessel is a great person to work with because he understands that success in business, can go hand in hand with a good dose of humor and also being able to enjoy the process”
Alexander Draaijer, CEO & Founder DoubleDutch

“During my whole career path, Wessel Koning is one of the most talented business persons I have worked with. He is energetic, result oriented. His great business sense always leads toward success.”
Frank Wong, former colleague, Philips Electronics Sr Manager

“Wessel has an enormous drive and is very persistent in achieving demanding objectives. He has the ability to run the extra mile.”
Bas Ploeger, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Dimenco Displays

More recommendations on Wessel’s LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/wesselkoning

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