Stirling Murray

ImageStirling is an inspirational mentor who after a highly successful international career building consumer global brands set up his own company, floated it on Aim and completed a multi-million £ acquisition. Highly enthusiast and a superb listener Stirling delivers results by combining the experiences gained in both large corporates and small companies.

His expertise includes

• Strategic vision
• Brand strategy
• Import and export strategy
• Team building
• Enhanced communication
• Managing complexity
• and the ability to get to the solvable core of what seems an unsolvable business problem.

With a proven track record in creating, and delivering growth and profit strategies and supporting international distributor and subsidiary networks Stirling combines hard headed commercial experience with a belief that people and the willingness to make things happen determine business success.

A frequent speaker at events and conferences Stirling has also been a guest lecturer in Marketing at the London College of Fashion.

Stirling is a major shareholder in a company that sells beauty brands into major UK and international retailers and is a founding partner in a people development business that focus’s on ‘The Art and Practice of Making Things Happen’ He’s planning to write a book with the same title. And he’s an Arsenal supporter who is fascinated by the psychology of winning!!

Testimonial for Stirling:

I wanted to thank you again for all your input last Thursday. It was great to hear from a successful businessman and be able to ask advice and get clear concise answers. Given the time and your limited knowledge of me you really helped me and I shall look back at the meeting and see it as a big success. Since then I’ve taken your advice and looked further into mind mapping. Also I’ve taken the pressure off and am trusting in my work I’ve done on myself so far in order to find a idea. I’m extremely excited and am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Thanks again Stirling it was a real pleasure to meet and speak with you. I can see why you’ve made a success of yourself and why Rockstar speak so highly of you.

Adam, Rockstar Mentee

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