Rockstar Mentoring Group Joins Business Funding Show ’16

Looking forward to “Rockstar” advice!

We’re excited to announce that Rockstar Mentoring Group, the UK’s number 1 mentoring organization for entrepreneurs looking to grow or raise finance, has joined Business Funding Show ’16 as a sponsoring partner.

Rockstar Mentoring

We recently had an interview with Jonathan Pfahl, Managing Director at Rockstar, about the importance of mentoring for startups and small businesses. Rockstar’s philosophy is that being successful requires that you surround yourself with success as much as possible. In this light, Rockstar Mentoring Group gives entrepreneurs access to relevant mentors from a broad variety of industries in order to fast-track learning. Entrepreneurs greatly reduce the time lost in mistakes by learning the do’s-and-don’ts from more experienced and successful mentors. The effort to build up a business network is also greatly enhanced by mentees ability to tap into their mentors’ networks. Jonathan told Business Funding Show in an interview that once a mentee generated £150,000 return as a result of just three new contract introductions through the mentors.

The importance of mentoring in fledgling businesses cannot be stressed enough. Both Jonathan Pfahl and Ketan Makwana from Rockstar Mentoring Group will be delivering keynote speeches at Business Funding Show ’16.

Rockstar has been active since 2007 and has rapidly expanded across the continent and into Asia and America. Business Funding Show ’16 has just gained a huge plus by the privilege to learn from such a big and knowledgeable organization. We hope you are as eager as we are to join the Rockstar team — mentees and mentors — at Business Funding Show ’16. This is certainly building up to be the most powerful business funding event yet!

If you haven’t already picked up your free tickets for Business Funding Show ’16 be sure to do so now while they’re still available!

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