Our MD Jonathan Pfahl

ImageJonathan Pfahl is incredibly passionate about mentoring. The Rockstar Mentoring Group was set up by Jonathan in 2007 as he had experienced REAL Mentoring himself on 2 occasions and wanted to create a model for ALL types of businesses to benefit from what he calls REAL Mentoring.

His first experience of being mentored was when he worked at Goldman Sachs where his mentor set him a financial goal to achieve within 6 months. The goal was achieved by month 4 and by month 6 it was 44% better than expected! Secondly, Jonathan was in the London property market where his mentor helped him build a large portfolio.

Jonathan has taken the model of having a set goal to be achieved over a 6 month period and works with his mentees (like all the Rockstar Mentors) to achieve it and show a measurable return on investment. So far he has mentored over 50 mentees within Rockstar and has an increbible track record.

Since establishing his first Rockstar company in the group in 2007, Rockstar now has companies in mentoring and property in 3 different parts of the world as well as vested interests in 9 different private companies that he has invested in.

Whilst still only in his 30s, Jonathan is a driven and successful entrepreneur who is passionate about working with entrepreneurs who are determined to see their business grow. He achieves the goals with his mentees by making them measurable and achievable, but at the same time, will have an immediate effect on the business.

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Testimonials for Jonathan

“Jonathan is an oracle of knowledge when it comes to business. It has been a privilege to have him help me grow and fine-tune my brand – Flippers. The benefits gained from bouncing ideas around, strategizing the next moves or simply ensuring I am on track, have been vast. I can not express the value of having such a professional and dedicated mentor. Jonathan honestly and genuinely wants you to succeed and this helps when times feel tough. All I can say is that I am honored to have Jonathan as my mentor and cannot recommend Rockstar Group mentors highly enough.”

Amy Sanderson


“I had an amazing meeting with Jonathan. I felt so empowered and inspired after our very first meeting. He gave me some great advice & I’m looking forward to work more closely with him over the coming months to grow my business to the next level.”

Amy Sanderson – Flippers Clothing Ltd


“Jonathan is an inspiration with his endless energy, enthusiasm, ideas and contribution. His mentoring has provided hugely insightful ideas and support in growing my business. A privilege to work with. Thank you.”

Luke Hamill