Marc Winn

ImageMarc is an out-and-out personal performance specialist and a big-ideas machine.

He specialises in turning already successful entrepreneurs into incredible ones by working on aspects others may well ignore: your passions, your performance and your whole-life vision.

No matter what stage an entrepreneur is at, incredible improvement can take place. Marc’s core skill is in identifying and accelerating entrepreneurs’ entire performance – enabling them to improve in simple, achievable ways – getting them where they want to be, in the fastest possible time.

Marc himself is a successful entrepreneur who built, grew and sold a multi-million pound direct marketing business. From his experience, it may surprise you that he believes that hard work is not the key to success. In fact, quite the opposite.

In his mentoring, he prefers to help people to work smarter – not harder. He looks outside work life and explores people’s true passions, using them as key motivators to do fantastic things. To him, incredible success is jumping out of bed feeling the desire to achieve amazing things every day of your life, rather than focussing on short and medium term business goals. He helps his mentees to find the spark that lights that fire. Ignited with passion, they perform consistently well at the top of their game in the long term: achieving great success.

Marc is unconventional, fun, exciting, open, clever, passionate and no-nonsense in his approach to working with his mentees. He has great ideas, innovative solutions, laser-sharp insight and the innate ability to maximise people’s potential. Anyone who works with him can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Initially, Marc expects mentees to commit to at least three sessions, for a full assessment and exploration of the mentoring relationship and your potential. During the first session he will reset the boundaries of possibilities you will achieve as an entrepreneur. Then, you have some time to reflect, before planning the journey ahead and exploring the great ideas and opportunities arising from that. He kick-starts the process to maximise your personal productivity and effectiveness so that you can operate at peak performance.

If you are interested in contacts, finance, or conventional industry-specific tactics as your means to succeed, please work with another mentor.

If you are looking to boost your own performance to become an incredible entrepreneur, achieving so much more, you had better work with Marc. If you want to think bigger and work smarter then simply work with Marc.

He will challenge you to the utmost and he guarantees you an unforgettable journey that is both fun and exciting.

Some feedback from Marc’s Mentees:

“He makes business fun whilst focussing on the right things”

“Marc is as close as you get in the world of business to brain surgery”

“Working with Marc is the best money I have ever spent”

“Mind blowing!”

“The sessions with Marc are going well. He’s helped me beyond my expectations and reinforced my trust in mentorship and Rockstar in particular.”

If you want a deeper understanding about how Marc thinks and works, you can read his blog, full of ideas at

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