John Davy

ImageJohn Davy is a very successful and highly regarded serial entrepreneur in both online digital marketing and the leisure sector.

John has a clear understanding of the consumer and why they follow and continue to support a brand. He developed the Jongleurs brand to become the most respected comedy brand in the UK. Starting from one club in London Battersea he negotiated the successful roll-out to eight clubs and a £25m media company. He built up the Jongleurs comedy club chain with sales of £30m and sold the business at a valuation of £26m. Last year he bought Jongleurs back and has already built a 10 strong club franchise and plans to build out the clubs to 20 – once again creating huge capital brand value.

Passionate about brand and fast roll out strategies, John is expertly rolling out the Jongleurs fanchise, owns several successful online businesses and consults on e-commerce and online customer journey.

He runs a hugely successful Digital Mastermind Group offering his knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs who want to produce profitable online business companies. He gives them his knowledge, expertise and contacts to ensure that their businesses fly – he is not about “hype”, he is about “making it happen.

John was a Non Exec Director of Party Gaming PLC – his main interest within that role was that of marketing and customer retention. His other business interests are shareholdings in a gastro pub company that he founded and a small cap stock brokerage in the city together with an extensive property portfolio which includes a dozen pubic houses in the West Country.

John is a creative thinker whose clear, uncluttered mind allows him to understand his mentees objectives. He is also a lateral thinker able to develop systems out of nothing and enhance the development of his mentees aligning them to their goals. He possesses the unique ability to see the “big picture”, to unravel it and make it manageable.

John is able to make subjective skills into measurable objectives and has the ability to evaluate both the up and down side of every opportunity.

Above all John can offer his mentee rounded career advice from experiences across the board. He is trustworthy and committed with an uncanny ability to put things together that, to the untrained eye, seem disconnected but to him fit together as a whole like a jigsaw puzzle.

You will find John to be passionate and exciting to work with, he will both challenge and encourage you and working with him will ensure you reach your goals in the quickest possible.


“Without doubt John Davy is one of the finest entrepreneurs I have come across, fast, intentional, focused and generous he is rare among the army of folk I spend time with, a prince among frogs. I highly recommend that you spend quality time with John and listen.”
– Thomas Power , Founder of

“John is quite simply the best mentor I have known for Internet strategy. He is up to the minute, hands on and adds huge value to any company wanting to make money on line.”
David Carter,

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