Get Business Funding 101: Did you consider all the options?

For those of you who are true, red-blooded, build-it-from-the-ground-up, hardcore entrepreneurs, there’s nothing like the energy that comes from growing your business idea into a functioning startup or small enterprise. There’s probably also nothing that saps your energy more than dealing with the lifeblood of your business: funding.

A weakness that 70% of startup and SME owners are ready to admit to is that their perception of raising finances for their business is daunting. This is often the result of lacking exhaustive information on the various types of funding resources available. The reality of finance in this millennium is, if you’ve done the legwork and your business is ready to take off, there is a funding option suited and available just for you.

As an entrepreneur you already know that there are often skills you need to learn although you may only ever use them at one stage in your career. No matter what your inclination is, it’s time to add knowledge of business funding options to your toolkit. The future of your enterprise may very well depend on it.

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Business Funding Show ’16

In February 2016, London is going to be host to the UK’s first ever exhibition on funding for startups and SMEs – Business Funding Show. At this event, there will be workshops covering the three pillars of business funding: Investments, Lending, and Business Growth Support.

Don’t hold your breath for the cliché line “mingle with investors and find funding for your company.” You already know how often those kinds of events have failed you. Business Funding Show is about learning precisely what the funding options are, and how to set up your business for the option best matching your needs. It’s less about pitching to investors than it is about bilaterally learning which finance provider fits with which startup or SME.

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Discover a matching funding option for your business

At BFS, entrepreneurs are guaranteed to discover a funding option that matches their funding goals. Get a head start and head over to Business Funding Show’s website to pick up your free ticket.

There’s still a while to 2016 but stay tuned (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for updates all along the way. Our mission is to make sure that any entrepreneur reading this finds funding success at our event next year!

Get ready for #BFS16 now!

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