Charles Smith

400-px-wide_mn49Charles Smith has a strong empathy with owners looking to expand and will bring valuable experience to your management team. He has a hands on, down to earth approach.

He has set up two successful companies from scratch; sold one and merged the second. He has also enjoyed some failures, so his advice is grounded in the tough realities of business life.

Charles specialises in developing strategies for growth, and in setting key targets along the way. He has an intuitive ability to identify problems and offer solutions. You can read testimonials as to his effectiveness elsewhere on this web site.

He has a strong background in finance to Board level, raising his own capital through 3i, and successfully obtaining DTI funding.

He is also experienced in developing management teams to support growth, an area often overlooked in the rush for expansion. Having employed over 30 staff, he knows all about the day to day issues facing those at the top, not least cash flow.

Charles is currently is a shareholder and active member of a high tech on-line marketing company based in London, and also runs his own web site development company in the West Midlands.

This background gives Charles a detailed – and more importantly – current, understanding of on-line marketing, e-commerce, and web development. Combined with his business experience and enthusiasm for helping companies to grow, he provides a powerful combination.

As your mentor Charles will bring a can-do positivity to your company, as well as an approachable and friendly style.

3rd March 2011
Re: Testimonial for Charles Smith.

We are directors of a bespoke kitchen manufacturing company and have been in business for twenty two years.
We at Harrison and Pope have known Charles Smith within the local business circle for several years. Having recently requested his assistance in an advisory capacity we as a company wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend his skills to future clients.

Here are some of the key skills we feel he has:

Setting up and running management systems ready for growth.

Developing strategies for growing the business and setting key performance
targets along the way.

Valuable experience and professionalism

An easy and affable approach. Working with him is both enjoyable and inspiring

An intuitive ability to identify problems and offer solutions

A trustworthy, reliable and extremely motivated person.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

Yours Sincerely,
Phil Harrison and Louise Pope

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