Adrian Smith

mtcloseup_mn47Adrian runs a company providing a range of business advisory services and management training. His background is in Strategic and corporate finance advice in the technology sector where the company he worked for used to advice 30-35 owner managed businesses a year in how to make their businesses more valuable and sell them. He was then lured into an internet startup just as the dot bomb boom crashed! After two roles in the corporate sector as a Marketing manager and Finance Manager in the travel sector and in a business process consulting, Adrian was again drawn to starting up again in 2005.

Adrian is passionate about helping entrepreneurs through the rollercoaster ride of start-ups, having been there twice before he knows the challenges and pleasures at first hand. He also loves working with entrepreneurs to make their businesses more valuable. He is also a mentor on the Worcester university Speed programme

Adrian’s main skills andexpertise are in the four following areas

(i) Startup and getting businesses off the ground

(ii) strategic growth -when business owners realise that doing “more of the same” will not continue to drive the growth and the owner realises that they need to do something more than incremental change (e.g developing systems, new products, new markets, being more innovative, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, raising finance)

(iii) Motivation – assessing what motivates your staff, what de-motivates them, how motivated your staff are at present. Helping entrepreneurs understand how important it is to considers motivation as a means for assuring organisational performance. This helps entrepreneurs in the numerous aspects of their business, (recruitment, training , retention, reward systems, job design, team building, acquisitions, succession planning)

(iv) Making your business more valuable and selling it.

Adrian has an ability to identify issues and suitable solutions with laser type precision and lightening speed, sheer brilliance! He understands the needs of entrepreneurs from blue sky to plan of action and adds a twist of humour which makes him engaging, entertaining and professional at the same time.”

June 7, 2010

Gary Lennon, Founder, Ideas2Reality (from my Linkedin profile )

Adrian provided some great services and was a driving force in the early stages of my business. A recommended consultant for any emerging business.”

January 29, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative Ali Syme, (from my Linkedin profile )

Thank you once again for your contribution during our EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL & WELL-ACCEPTED July training course. I would like to share some of the feedback we got after your session. All of it was uplifting and very positive. It was a resounding VERY GOOD from everybody. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INPUT! We will be running a combined course again from the 16th to the 27th of August 2010 (including Finance) and I would love to make use of your services if you are available.

Let me know how your dairy’s looking. For now, thank you and JOB WELL DONE!

With warm regards,
Rolien Van Heerdan, Training and Development Coordinator

I have known Adrian for a number of years and know him to be a reliable and professional individual. Having worked with Adrian on a number of projects, I can confidently recommend him to any potential business partner or employer.

His skills are wide ranging, however, his real skill set is in the areas of new business development and investment appraisal. Particularly in the construction and analysis of business strategy, investment readiness, and the preparation of a business for exit.

Graham Reeves Managing Partner Sintassi

“Good attention to detail and took to the trouble to really understand the task. Performed on time. Thoroughly professional service.” (small research project on from people per hour)

Thanks Adrian for all the information – all invaluable. I got a lot out of our meeting – and a lot of ideas I just hadn’t thought of. I feel a lot more positive about the possibility of taking my business forward – so thanks and look forward to seeing you again

Clare Daley Nutrition for Heath.

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