10 Great Giveaway Ideas That You Can Use to Market Your Brand at The Business Funding Show

If one thing is true in life, it’s that everyone loves a freebie. Exhibitors at trade shows generally make the most of this fact, by offering a range of promotional items to tempt passers-by.

However, not all giveaway ideas are created equal, and it’s important to think carefully about your promotional items before investing.

If they’re not going to spark interest in your brand or lead to a sale, all you’ll essentially be doing is pouring revenue down the drain.

Remember who your audience are. What giveaway items will appeal to them? What will they use on a regular basis? How can you ensure your promotional goodie puts your company in their mind whenever they use it?

These are all vital questions to answer before you make your purchase.

The Best Giveaways to Offer at Your BFS Stand

  • 1. Promotional USBs: A USB is a useful thing and will be appreciated by most people attending the Business Funding Show. It’s likely to be used often in the office, which means it’s a powerful way of ensuring your logo is in front of your potential customer on a regular basis. However, be warned – these will be popular and they’re not the cheapest items to buy. Save them for the customers who seem genuinely interested in your products and services.

  • 2. Reusable bags:This might sound like a strange suggestion. After all, how does it relate to business investment or financing? However, don’t ignore the huge advertising potential a bag, complete with your logo, can offer. Your customer will not only be walking round the Business Funding Show, using your bag to carry all their other promotional items (and displaying your brand to a captive audience) – they’re likely to continue using it every time they go shopping. That’s plenty of exposure for your company.

  • 3. Pens are a bit of a ‘safe’ choice, but none the less, they’ve got a proven track record of success, as they have real practical use in the workplace. The higher quality the pen, the better the chance that your customers will keep it after the event.

  • 4. Mouse-mats:Of course, there’s no guarantee that your mouse-mat will be used by the business owner in question. However, it’s entirely possible that they might get rid of an old one and use yours instead. In which case, you’ve made your brand constantly visible to them, every time they’re sitting at their computer.

  • 5. Post-it notes:Offer people a small post-it note pack, ideally with your company logo printed on every note. It’s a useful way of ensuring your brand gets stuck all over their work premises – on computers, walls, desks and even the office fridge.

  • 6. Keyringsare sometimes well received by exhibition attendees, sometimes not. Make yours a little different by making it functional – for example, offering a keyring that doubles as a bottle opener or flash-light. And of course, make sure your logo is highly visible, along with your contact details.

  • 7. Piggy banks:This is a highly relevant promotional item, and one that is sure to raise a smile! Even if it’s thrown away after the event, it will ensure you stand out from your competitors. They’re not cheap to buy, so make sure you only give them to genuinely interested individuals.

  • 8. Stress balls:A stress ball is a fairly low-cost, light-hearted promotional item, and is an effective way to demonstrate your human side to your target audience. This is important in the world of investment and finance. If people relate to you, they’re more likely to use your services.

  • 9. Touch screen cleaning cloth:Most business owners are likely to own at least one touch-screen item, so presenting them with a high quality cloth to polish their smartphone or tablet is likely to be appreciated. And of course, every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your company.

  • 10.Notepadstend to be perennially useful, even if they’re only used to jot down shopping items or ‘to-do’ lists. As a result, it’s likely that your customers will make good use of this item and remember your brand as a result.

Booking Your Stand at the Business Funding Show

If you have some giveaway ideas, then you’ve probably already booked your stand at The Business Funding Show…

But if you haven’t booked your stand, there’s still time!

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