GLOBALL services are:

  • Signing and contracting of Portuguese, communitarian and extra-communitarian players who are allowed to play in the Portuguese Second League B, in accordance with the Portuguese prescriptions of the national football association, FPF, and the laws of FIFA.

  • Signing and contracting of Portuguese, communitarian and extra-communitarian players who are allowed to play in clubs mainly situated in Europe, in accordance with the national football laws of the associations concerned and the laws of FIFA. .

  • Securing and optimizing the benefits of sports clubs, their players, and professional agents, by creating a high-quality support for the international cross border sports business.
    Our service offering, performed by professionals for professionals, has been created to help clubs and agents to be able to compete with the increasing complexity in the international sports business which could otherwise be threatening to their reputation. This therefore aids in efficiently avoiding the reputational risk, possible lawsuits and financial losses.

The service offering is based on :

  • Private wealth planning and structuring for professional sportsmen and/or artists

Providing the most appropriate advice at any given time, according to a specific patrimonial situation and is based on geographic residence.

  • The “Investment Insurance Plan” (IIP), tax optimization and strategic relocation

The IIP includes the use of structuring investment vehicles, asset preservation, advice on tax-efficient structures, estate planning and life insurance solutions. It combines private banking and investment management services with the use of life assurance as a financial planning and structuring tool.

  • Asset protection

Legitimate global planning opportunities so as to protect and preserve our customer’s wealth in a legal and tax compliant manner.

  • Contract management for sportsmen and artists

Assistance with the negotiating of the terms and conditions in contracts and the relevant legislation, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during the contract’s implementation or execution. Our significant experience in this type of business will be of great help to efficiently manage the creation, execution and analysis of the contracts concerned to maximize financial, tax and operational performance, while minimizing the risk.

  • Image rights management

Assist our clients in protecting and structuring their image rights in an efficient way, so as to find the best solution for optimizing their remuneration and to ensure these rights are managed properly on an ongoing basis. Our expertise covers the exploitation of patents and trademarks, copyright and image rights for sportspeople and artists, but also for movie companies with regards to the distribution of their film rights.

  • Social media marketing

Assist our clients in managing their reputation and brand image on their social media networks, utilising professionals from our network.

  • Financial planning

Provide our clients with comprehensive planning advice, expertise and services, in order to get a clear picture of their financial future. According to their needs, we will help them to define their key objectives in order to achieve their financial goals, whether that be optimizing their wealth, securing their retirement or creating additional liquidity for special projects.

  • Real estate projects

Assist our clients in structuring and financing the acquisition of any new real estate project, whilst also managing also their existing real estate portfolio.

  • Art collection

As an independent and objective advisor we offer a financial planning service for art assets. In collaboration with a team of expert advisors, we will assist our clients with their collections by developing innovative art ownership structures for asset protection, tax planning and efficient collection management.

  • Charitable planning strategies

We assist our clients in establishing an estate plan that best suits their needs and fulfills their charitable wishes.

  • Insurance and pension solutions

We offer personalized and efficient solutions through our network of brokers so that we reach the best solution(s) to match our clients’ needs, covering personal accidents, sickness insurance, wealth insurance solutions or pension funds, amongst others.

  • Tax planning and estate planning

This practice covers the holding, financing and commercial structuring in various industries concerning intellectual and image rights, real estate and private equity. Having at our disposal an extensive international worldwide network of lawyers and content specialists, we are ready to assit at any time with relevant local expertise, easily within our reach.

  • Business succession planning

We advise on taking advantage of a dedicated structure for families and private individuals and assist them in transferring their business in the case of exit, including the selling of company stakes, while maintaining the necessary control.

  • Pre-financing of TV and media rights

  • Investment funds

A registered investment vehicle which aims to raise capital to fund the acquisition of related economic and commercial interests in football clubs, as a vehicle to buy and sell football players globally.

  • Football academy

A school for young talent, which collaborates with the club and with the main goal of preparing a “talent pool” for clubs.