Footballescrow.com specialises in the transferring of football players and their rights between teams using a neutral third party to oversee the entire process. Undertaking this process with the use of an escrow facility offers a security element to the transaction like no other. Both parties can place their complete trust in our service.

Using Footballescrow.com assures buyers and sellers of their transactions being handled in a proficient and safe manner; the straightforward five step process of the business is where our success lies. Only once the funds have been verified and the club confirms they have the legal title, do Escrow.com release the funds.

Footballescrow.com is backed by escrow.com, a professional entity where all funds are held safely and securely. The company was founded on the basic premise of trust and has been involved in numerous player movements, bringing with it years of experience, along with helpful and professional staff and confidence for both agents and players. Should any problems arise at any stage during the process, Footballescrow.com is ready and willing to assist in resolving the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.

Footballescrow.com works on a 5 step process:

1. Clubs agree to the terms

2. The transferring club submits payment to Escrow.com

3. Funds are verified

4. The player and his rights are released to the new club

5. Escrow.com releases the funds to the new club